Training is easy….Food is hard

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So….a little update on where I am with getting fit.

Gorillas, Iguanas and Bears – Oh My!

I have been training for at least 6 months now. 2 – 3 times per week for 1 hour sessions each time. I had always thought of getting ready and going to the gym, beyond the most painful thing to do, but this time, not so much. Each training session I finish, I find myself driving home thinking “I can actually NEVER give this up!”. It’s incredible. I feel energised, sore and alive all at the same time :) In a way, I feel used – but in a good way!

I have been working with Stephen and Dora who are pretty darn amazing. Let me put it to you this way, last week I arrived at class with only my body. My mind. spirit and soul was securely covered in a blanket on the couch with a hot water bottle on my tummy and 2 Nurofen in my hand (if you know what I mean). I tried my charm on Stephen and started with “How about, we just forget about this class, and we all have an early night because its so miserable out”. Before he had time to utter a word, Dora hit me with so many positive analogy’s that I felt like I was on Oprah (my hero!) She would not let me give up. Not only did I finish my class (I may have shed a tear throughout – I think I was a little ball of emotions) but I pretty much high fived myself all the way home for finishing (you would think that sounds sadder than it was, but no, it was pretty sad).

So after spending years of paying €75 per month to Westwood gym, attending maybe twice a week and giving a half arsed effort on the treadmill, I now look forward to working out and I am seeing improvements. I feel more toned, I have more strength and my mind seems healthier too. However, I am only seeing possible 10/20% improvement and this is mainly down to food.

Sugar, Sugar….everywhere

My downfall is food. Not so much takeaways, chippers or fatty foods. But sugar. Biscuits and Chocolate. No word of a lie…the way men can eat whole Chinese curry’s to themselves (and more), I can eat a whole packet of biscuits, to myself (and possibly more!). So this, I have realised, is what I have to nip in the bud. Sugar, I think, is worse than fat…and more addictive. While I have decided not to proclaim to begin a dramatic sugar diet at this time, I shall remain cool, calm and collected and just tell myself “No”. One small change is going to help me – no tea in the evening. No tea = no dippy biscuit. No dippy biscuit = no new packet of biscuits to open. No new packet of biscuits to open = no empty packet to throw in the bin, and no sad feeling for me…and so on and so forth.

So it begun around lunch time yesterday. I made a gluten free lasagna. Going gluten free is another little step in helping me get my body to a healthier place. I also stocked up on gluten free wraps and salads. Gone are the breakfasts of scones and lunchtimes of sandwiches and crisps. I’m sort of excited!

Love, P x


Training is easy....Food is hard

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