Apple & Banana Smoothie – Slurp!!

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Since recently becoming obsessed (slight exagg!) with my training, I’m always looking for great ways to eat and drink healthy, however working full time, studying for my Masters, training and being a mum can make it quite hard to achieve. Quick and easy bites with endless cups of tea/coffee is usually what I achieve.

Until now :)

Enter, please, the Breville “Blend Active“.  I recently bought this  for about €33.00 and honest to goodness, find it pretty dang amazing.  If you want something small, effective with basically no messy clean up required, then this is what you need!

Breville Blend Active

The box contains the following:-

  • 1 base;
  • 1 blender lid;
  • 2 bottles; and
  • 2 bottle lids.


The basics of this machine are three-fold: insert ingredients, blend and go!  All the parts (excluding the base) are top drawer dishwasher safe.  What more could you want?



Ergo – here is a quick Apple & Banana Smoothie which takes about 4 minutes to make – including prep time! #HighFive



  • Apple – peeled, cored and chopped;
  • Banana – peeled and chopped;
  • Fat free yoghurt; and
  • Half a cup of ice.

Now for the hardest part (just kidding);

1.  Place the banana, apple, yoghurt then ice into the bottle and screw on the blending lid;

2.  Place the bottle, lid down, into the base of the blender and turn until it securely slots in; then

3.  Switch on the blender. 3126


Do not keep the blender pressed for more than 30 seconds so do 10 seconds each time.  You can give the bottle a little shake in between each turn and this will ensure all ingredients are getting blended.  When done, simply replace the blending lid, with the bottle lid for an “on the go” drink or into a glass for “staying at home” refresher.



Love, P x

Apple & Banana Smoothie - Slurp!!


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