All that shimmers…is usually Bobbi Brown :)

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Who doesn’t love a nice shimmery glow, to their cheekbones, cupids bow and décolletage?  Pretty much everybody, right?  So I am always on the hunt for the best product that will give me that, without any sort of “plastic finish”.  Thats a little to L.A. in the 80’s for me!

I have tried pretty much most highlighters/luminators that are out there, but the one that is forever on the top of my list, is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (the “Brick”).  I wore this years ago, always loved it, but for some reason stopped buying it.  I’m very easily swayed my new and shiny things so I may have veered down a wrong path.  However, last September after a lunch time visit to the gorgeous gals at the Bobbi Brown counter in Brown Thomas, I am happy to say that we are together again!  This is no word of a lie when I say that there is not one Bobbi Brown (all hail!) product that I have tried and not loved – from the lip gloss right down to their thick, gooey and nourishing eye cream – just delicious!


So pretty!


The brick I bought was in “Sandstone” which I believe it may have been a limited edition (like why!?) so while I don’t believe it is available in Dublin, you can buy it here from the U.S.  The brick itself comes with 5 rows of colours, which marry well together when used.  Each colour is just pigmented enough to provide a nice pay off without ending up all over your face.  I like a subtle/natural look.


IMG_8041          IMG_8027

Coming in at a “not so cheap, but not crazy dear” price-tag of €42.50, this brick can be used in so many different ways :)

1.  With a soft highlighter brush, swirl it around the entire base of the brick – don’t focus on one area of the product as this won’t distribute the colour evenly.  Then sweep the brush over the top of your cheeks (not down too far on the face) and down the bridge of your nose.  This will give you a fresh, dewey and youthful glow in the right areas.

2.  If you are wearing a low top, this is so pretty to sweep this over your collar-bone.

3.  Wearing a skirt, you can also sweep this lightly down your shin bone and it will catch in the light as you walk.  Great for the summer time.

4.  Each colour can also be used individually and is superb for your eyes.  It also means that you can cut down on the amount of makeup products you carry in your handbag.

5.  The lightest colour of all can be used in specific areas, such as under the eyebrow as a highlighter, in the inner corner of your eye to open up the eye and above the cupids bow.

The packaging itself is pretty great.  Its a decent size but not too bulky and has a great sized mirror.  They advise you to always keep the styrofoam protective layer that covers the product at first, but I had lost mine after the first week.  In my experience the clasp on these shimmer bricks break quite easily which means that the product is then open to damage and ending up at the bottom of your bag.

Despite the weak clasp, this brick us well worth the dolla and has a steadfast place in my makeup bag (and maybe sometimes, all over the  bottom of my bag!).  Here’s to a shimmering 2015 ❤️

Love, P x

All that usually Bobbi Brown :)


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