Back to Training – High Kick! (ouch!)

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So, with the new year upon us, it is inevitable that resolutions have been made. Good ones, good-intented ones and those that we know may not happen – but we make them anyway. We are that positive.


One obvious good resolution for everybody is to get fit or maintain their fitness after the party season :) I took the latter part of December off for a number of reasons – work, being so busy meant I would barely make training or completely miss it entirely – college, I have my final assignment to do which has been placed on the back burner for so long its pretty much on fire at this point – and Christmas, nothing should ever get in the way of buying presents. Fact!

So, my training begins on Monday 5 January with Stephen and Dora at PrimalX Fitness. Excitement is an understatement.  Even though I write a blog, I actually don’t think I can put into words how involved these guys are in getting you fit.  They instill determination, confidence and knowledge so, for me, there is no going back.  Whilst I have acute bronchitis at the mo, I don’t think it will factor into my training – it will just allow me to ease into it more gently.  Since starting the personal training last year and eventually changing to the classes, I have never felt as good or as strong.  Both mentally and physically! The only factor I did not concentrate on last year was my food – so I plan to make a conscious effort to do that this year.  I will also place a lot more healthy (and gluten-free) recipes on this blog, which will help :)

I will track my inches, weight and well-being throughout the next 6 months and see how we get on.  Hopefully you guys will stay with me throughout the pain (and benefits) of gorillas, bears, iguanas and frogs!

Love, P x

Back to Training - High Kick! (ouch!)

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