Elave Age Delay – Review :)

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You may (or may not!) know, that I am of the sensitive kind.  Summer is not my friend – hay fever, allergies, you name it, I react to it.  So, suffice to say when I purchase any new makeup or lotions, my sister (@LorraineStubbs/instagram) has her arms open and ready receive when I pull a “Hitch-face”.  She recently acquired from me an entire, full sized set of Clinique cleansers, toners and moisturisers – smugness.

Because of this, I am always thrilled to find products that work well with my skin, are not too perfumed and provide exactly what they say they will.  Please enter the Elave Age Delay products #CueTheFanFare.




Elave is Irish product which makes my love for them all the little sweeter :)  The fabulous thing about the entire Elave range is that they are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES), fragrance, soap, alcohol, nut ingredients, colorants and lots of other gross things that could irritate the skin and cause flare ups.  On top of this, none of the products are tested on animals!!  *HighKick

I think it is so important to exfoliate your skin routinely, including your face to keep things looking and feeling fresh.  In the past I have used scrubs with bits, face-cloths and sometimes olive oil and brown sugar (recoil in horror!).  After many many facials, I have realised that the best exfoliant for me are the creams and lotions that contain a chemical exfoliant as oppose to the harsh gritty bits.  The Elave Age Delay Cleanser contains 12% Glycolic Acid which helps to not only exfoliate dead skin but also stimulates collagan activity too.  Is it wrong to love those three words like I do? “Stimulate Collagan Activity”.  It just sounds like a work out for my skin – without the sweat and tears :)

This cleanser can be used daily and should be used on already cleansed skin, so make sure everything is off.  Because of the quite concentrated Glycolic Acid, make sure you do a patch test at least 24 hours before hand.  Don’t end up with a “Clinique Gate” – €65 poorer with a face as dry as the Gobi desert.

When you initially put this cleanser on, it will sting a little but this should subside.  If it doesn’t, stop using it.  Rub it into a lather on your dry skin and then rinse with warm water, ensuring you get everything off.  Pat dry and feel the smoothness.



Afterwards, I moisturise with the Elave Age Delay Night Treatment which also contains 8% Glycolic Acid so it works through the night while I sleep. Bonus!  It has a Vitamin E blend with helps the skin to repair any environmental damage too.

The cost of both of these products can be a little high at roughly €27 each – the cleanser is 200ml and the treatment is 50ml.  But its definitely money well spent!  Both should last about 3-4 months depending if you use it every night or just twice a week as a masque (Lather onto dry skin and leave for about 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry)

You can buy both online from McCabes Pharmacy and I see that you can also order them online at rockfieldonline who always appear to have them for cheaper.  But I have never bought from this site so I don’t know how quick or good they are :/

So, if you want an exfoliant that is not gritty, draggy and tough on your skin, defo give these a try :)  You can check out the rest of their products here.

Love, P x


Elave Age Delay - Review :)





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