Hit pause…Just for a moment :)

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I swear, with every fibre of my being…my intentions were good!  But alas, I need to hit pause on the training circuit, for a week at least.  After a very fabulous 2 days and nights in Belfast with the girls, I brought back with me, a little cold.  The doctor calls it “Acute Bronchitis”, although I do not find anything cute about it! (hehehe). 


So, 2 inhalers, 6 weeks, 4 puffs a day (being reduced gradually), I will be done and back to my healthy lung-y self.  Whilst I sit out and wait to get back to training at PrimalX Fitness, I will continue to eat healthy and get my body prepared.  *FistPump!



Nearly 6 weeks off biscuits too – just sayin!  I think a weekly shop it due to stock up :)  I’m off to make a list…

Love, P x

Hit pause...Just for a moment :)

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