New Years Resolutions

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I love, love, love New Year.  It’s a fresh start, a new beginning and a chance to change things up.  There are so many resolutions that I try to achieve – some good and some, not so much.

This year, I decided to not go crazy with resolutions that really weren’t all that attainable. My days are pretty busy with work, school, my fitness routine and family so I wanted to make some that fit into my life.  I figured to go more about self-promotion, rather than tangible desires:-

Be more organised – Considering how busy and fast life has become, it is pretty essential to be organised, right?

Less procrastination – I’m a divil for putting things on the long finger – well not any more!

More spontaneity - Sometimes too much organisation is a bad thing!

See more sunrise – I saw my first Irish sunrise in 2014, which is fairly shameful.  I made a conscious effort to drive to Killiney Hill and see the day dawn and whilst I did go back home to bed, it was pretty wonderful to be a part of.

I will print this list, frame it and hang it about my desk so I can see it each day!  Here’s to an organised, busy, spontaneous and early rising 2015 ❤️


Love, P x

New Years Resolutions

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