L’Occitane Hand Cream

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Whilst on my trip to Chester, I spent roughly 2 of my 2.5  free hours before flying in the makeup section at the airport (as you do!).  I picked up at the cashier til, the travel size L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.  Now, a bit of background on the oul hands….I do suffer from eczema on occasion so when buying creams and lotions, its pretty hit and miss.  This, my friend, is a hit!


Half used..


Their website says it is “A super-smoothing–and best-selling–synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences.”  Now, I have no idea what ylang-ylang is, but whatever it is, its working.  It is super absorbent and not greasy and just feels so moisturising.


Mmmmm creamy!


I love the packaging too.  Sleek and silver and can totally stand upright on the lid!  Perfect for your desk (where mine lives) or your bedroom dresser :)

The smell is not overpowering and to be honest, just makes your hands smell creamy.  I can’t get a distinctive aroma from it so I think its fairly middle of the road – you won’t hate the smell and you won’t love it!


On its head :)


The 30ml that I got was about €6.00 at the airport but it retails for €10.50 on their Irish website.  The 150ml is €23.00 and totally worth it.  The smaller one is just handier for the oul mála ;)

Love, P x


L'Occitane Hand Cream

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