Well THAT was a good morning ☺️

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This morning I woke with really itchy, irritated skin.  Now, I’m slightly prone to the odd allergy and I may have slept with my window slightly open so between that and my shower being a little too hot (I actually don’t help myself, do I?), I flared up.  On the way to work, I popped into Trinity Pharmacy on Westland Row to get some anti-histamines….the kind that don’t make you drowsy and crash at your desk!  The guys could not have been more helpful AND they gave me loads of La Roche Posay samples to ease my “woe is me” morning face!

The cute Chemist wrote "eye" on the eye cream in case I didn't know....awwhh

The cute Chemist wrote “eye” on the eye cream in case I didn’t know….awwhh

You will see from my previous post, how much I love the La Roche Posay brand.  It’s French, it’s clean and feels like a giant creamy hug.  They gave me 8 samples altogether – 6 x Toleriane Ultra Moisturiser and 2 x Toleriane Ultra eye cream.

The official party line on the website states that the cream has:

“No parabens, is Non-perfumed, No alcohol and No colourants.  La Roche-Posay follows strict formulations standards:

- 100% hypoallergenic skincare
– Non-comedogenic
– High concentration of selected ingredients with Thermal Spring Water
– Minimal ingredients and fragrance
– Tested on sensitive skin”

I applied the moisturiser to the skin on my décolletage (check me out – en francais!) which was extremely irrupted and hivey and it instantly cooled it down.  I had taken the anti-histamine so the itchiness had stopped.  (I haven’t tried the eye cream yet as I had my makeup on and being the makeup fiend that I am, didn’t want to ruin it.  Also, my eyes were doing fine so I’ll save that for another time.)


Just this blob…

I used just the blob shown and it covered the whole area that was irritated and there is still loads left in the tube.  The tube itself is only 2ml however when you break the cap, you can turn it around and pop the lid back on.  I actually did not know these little tubes could do that.  How very clever indeed.  I expect each tube to last about a week, should I need it, so I’m skipping with La Roche Posay glee :)

The whole of my neck and chest were so raw and angry looking that I covered up with my scarf because it was so unsightly, which obviously aggravated it more!  What do I be thinking?  I didn’t take a before picture but below is the after “one application” and while it still looks slightly red, it so calm, not raw and only contained in one area.


Feels so much better :) *HighKick

The normal 40ml bottle is €18.49 in Boots and for anybody with allergy prone sensitive skin like moi, its well worth giving this a try :) (you can’t have mine!)

Love, P x

Well Good Morning allergies...

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