Friday Favourites!

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So, it’s Friday, Friday, Fridaayyy (Totes sang that like the Biebs :) ) and I have decided to do a “Friday Favourites”.  This will include anything that has tickled my fancy over the past little while and I’ll try to do these at least twice a month.

1.  Eucerin Intensive Lotion


The first thing I have included means more to me than a Friday Fave.  I have suffered from eczema for years and years.  Sometimes its fine, and sometimes its down right nasty.  It flares up when I’m stressed (“occasionally”) and when I eat chocolate (“all the live long day!”) so needless to say, its a mare.  As such my summers usually consist of a lot of linen pants and dresses are always worn with tights.  Not with this bad boy.  Last year, may have been the first time in I don’t know how long that I would feel good baring my legs :)  They are silky smooth and not a dry patch in sight.  There are so many Eucerin products out there and they cover pretty much everything (Shampoo, Cleanser etc.) and they all contain urea.  I did think urea was “wee” but it aint.  It’s something thats found in “wee” and apparently is a God-send for Atopic Eczema, Hyperkeratosis and Dermatitis.  This bottle will last me about 6 – 8 weeks and costs €12.00 in Haven Pharmacy.  In Boots and other Chemists it costs ALOT more so try to get it here.  If they ever stopped making this….I swear….I can’t even deal with that right now….

2.  Vaseline Healthy Hands


While I’m loving my l’Occitane hand cream, you really cannot beat the old reliable.  Vaseline has been around for years and years (since 1870, I’ve been told) and is a family fave.  This hand cream is so moisturising and creamy and smells like years ago.  Not old and stale but home and memories.  It contains Keratin, which is a fibrous protein so really good for skin, nails and hair, and Stratys, which is a new technology thats helps the lotion get through each layer of skin.  It is said to strengthen nails by up to 50% and since using it, I have noticed my nails are looking well and cuticles aren’t aren’t as catchy.  Eh, get onto my hands now <3

3.  No. 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleaner


My wonderful cousin Lynn (instagram and twitter)  kindly presented me with this cleanser a few months back but I have only gotten around to using it now.  I am pretty mad about the No. 7 products and this is no different.  It comes with a muslin cloth, which I don’t use – I use a hot facecloth instead.  The cream is so so creamy and it feels really luxurious – it reminds me of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  It doesn’t say that it takes off your eye make-up – and it doesn’t, I’ve tried – but it does leave the skin super clean and fresh.  It comes as a pump and the bottom of the bottle moves up as you use it so you can tell how much you have left.  It costs €12.95 in Boots and totally a re-purchase :)

4.  Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil


Whilst my nails tend to be ok, they are usually on the more dry, flaky side.  I have my sisters wedding in a year (yes, 1 year), so I am making it a mission to keep my talons in top notch condition.  This involves cuticle oil as often as I can.  Sally Hansen is the queen of nails so its hard to not find a product that we don’t love.  This oil comes as a brush and you put it on your nails and around your cuticles and rub it in.  I have been doing this for the last month and between that and the Vaseline Hand Cream I have really noticed a real difference in my nails.  They are breaking less and just seem healthier.  I got this as a “Buy 2, get the cheapest free” but I think it retails around the €9.00 mark.  Well worth it.

BTW, the grey and white throw that I have pictured the products on, I bought in Penney’s about a month ago for €8.00.  I have this on my computer chair and I wrap it around me when I blog, like an old biddy ;) It’s huge and not really fluffy (I hate really fluffy things…unless they’re bunnies…but even then, they are quite fluffy so actually I don’t know..) but it keeps me nice and snug and not too warm.  Also, it sort of makes me feel like a queen if I walk around the house in it, so thats an added bonus :)

Have a great weekend and let me know any of your faves I should check out!  So sorry about the picture quality – it was late, it was dark…I’ll be better next time ;)

Love, P x

Friday Favourites