How to wake up that little bit brighter :)

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So lets face it, sometimes getting out of bed sucks.  Not generally, because it is something that is denied to many.  But during the week….the sheer earliness of it all!  6am, 7am, whatever it may be…it sucks.  My mornings can sometimes be a messy haze of “Have i actually brushed my hair?”, “Where are my keys?” or “Dammit, I totally forgot my earphones/leap card/phone (jay-sus!)”.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it’s all 3!  And lets not even talk about the crankiness :(

Imagine having a routine where you rose from a restful slumber and within 5 minutes you were bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to face the day (I just fist-pumped the air!).  It is completely doable and once you make it part of your morning schedule, you can be a totally different (and slightly less crazy-looking) morning person.

Top Tips for a brighter morning

1.  Restful slumber

The key to having a great morning, is getting a fabulous nights sleep the night before.  We all require different sleeping times so check out my tips to a great nights sleep!

2.  Soothing Alarm Call

Who-ever thought about putting that shrill alarm sound on the phones/alarm clock should be institutionalised.  How can you wake up nice and relaxed when it sounds like the house is on fire. No, no and no.  Set your alarm to either fun/soothing music, or a sound that gradually goes from soft to loud, or even the radio.  Break into your awakeness a little more gently than “pass the paddles…we’re losing her!”


How many snoozes can one person have!

3.  Do Not Snooze!

They (whoever “they” are) say its best to not go back to sleep for those “Just 3 more minutes” after your alarm goes, as that standard of sleep can completely mess and crog up your system.  Instead, get up straight away.  It may seem hard if its the depths of winter, but after 10 seconds of being up and out of the bed your body will adjust so much better than being half awake from 20 snooze buttons.

4.  Drink water

A nice glass of water on a empty stomach has a lot of health benefits.  It can kick start your metabolism and will wake you up faster and have you all refreshed.  I tend to use the water I bring to bed the night before – that I never ever drink during the night.  Ever.


Refreshing :)

5.  Just breathe

I would say exercise but even typing that makes me wanna curl up and snuggle.  There are times when I am so energised, I might go for a run first thing in the morning.  I’m talking once every 6 months and usually the story of that run, will keep me going for the next 6 months.

When I wake up, I like to open the window and sit at the side of the bed and breath deep, getting the morning air into your lungs.  Imagine breathing in a white light, some positive energy making you feel light and happy.

6.  Stretch it out

Having a big stretch, whether it be reaching to the stars or 5 minutes on a yoga mat, will awaken your muscles and give you energy.  The more exercise or stretching you do, the more energetic you will feel.

Another good way of fitting some energy into your morning is walking that little bit further to the next train station.  Or get off at the bus stop before your usual one.  It might give you an extra 10 minutes exercise each way – thats 20 mins per day :)


Law of Attraction

7.  Be Grateful

We have all read The Secret (and if you haven’t, you should!).  The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.  Our thoughts are energy and and our energy attracts other energies on that scale.  If our energy is negative, we will attract negative.  Each morning, say out loud some positive affirmations, for yourself and for the day.  Life can be so busy at times that we sometimes forget to take a minute for just us.

  • “I am feeling happy and strong today”
  • “I am grateful for today”
  • “I enter today with gratitude and appreciation”

Repeat them for 2 minutes, be it out loud or in your head.  Believe them.

These may seem like simple tips, but making them apart of your morning routine, will have you feeling revitalised and ready.

Love, P x


How to wake up that little bit brighter :)