Day 1 – Positive Mental Attitude

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I knew starting on 1 June was gonna be good for me.  No particular reason, it just seems like a good start date, right?  Beginning of summer, its the month before my birthday month, it just feels right.  As you know, my main concern is removing all excess sugar from my diet (biscuits + chocolate = weight gain, bad skin and crankiness), which I’m a divil for :(

Bank Holiday Monday morning was fairly rotten, but it was day 1 and nothing was gonna rain on my parade.  It was is fact lashing though – stupid rainy Bank Holidays in June!!!  I had a 40 minute drive to Wicklow, where I would have usually polished off half a packet of biscuits, cheesy popcorn and maybe some fizzy jellies.  Instead, I was aaallll about the banana.  That is a weird sentence to type :o


Beautiful rainy Wicklow :)

My breakfast that morning was fairly usual.  I’m really into 2 weetabix, ice cold milk and a little sugar.  It’s just sooo good :)

Lunch was my banana en route to rainy Wicklow.  It was huuuuge, so it filled me.

Dinner was my Grill, which consisted of a fried egg (fried in olive oil and the only thing fried), 2 waffles, 2 streaky rashers and 3 gluten free sausages.  It. Was. Delish.  Im being fairly good on myself at the mo and I’m not limiting many other foods bar the sugars, so having a grill is ok by me for now.  As I continue, I’ll begin to mould my diet bit by bit.


Why you all in my ma grrilllll

I did no exercise today but I’m planning to incorporate an hour walk at least 4 times a week – at least until yoga starts.

I stood on the scales and took note.  I wasn’t really surprised but it has given me a good base to launch myself from.

My mood was great.  I felt refreshed and positive and did not crave 1 biscuit.  I’m liking the new 2015 me :)

Love, P x

Day 1 - Postive Mental Attitude