Hayfever sucks!

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Summer (not so) lovin…

So, it’s here.  The sneezing.  The watery eyes.  The hives.  Also known as “Summer” for me.  This is why I’m a winter baby :) The cold dark nights mean snuggles, hot chocolate and a place that pollen does not exist.

For the last couple of weeks, hay fever season has hit and the pharmacist has become one of my closest friends :)  So what is hay fever?   Basically, it’s an allergy caused by pollen or dust which enflames the membranes and causes a runny nose, watery eyes and hives.  Not my favourite look.  As I try my best not to walk around looking like “Hitch” for the remainder of the summer, these are 5 top tips to help tackle this naaaasty foe:-

1.  Timing

Pollen is at it’s peak between 5pm-7pm, you know, just in time for people heading home from work.  So, unless you want to rock the bee keeper look, try to stay indoors between this time.

2.  Lock down

Sounds a tad extreme but in the words of the legendary Joe Dolan, we gotta “…close all our windows and doors..”  Easier said than done when its boiling out, but if you can, do it.

3.  Dry Clothes Indoors

Pollen, being the sticky fecker that it is, sticks to pretty much anything – including clothes that are drying on the line.  If possible, dry clothes indoors or in the drier.  I know fresh air is way better, but for the sake of  keeping and looking sane, it may be worth it.

4.  Shower

Ok, obviously we all shower, but as the pollen sticks to your clothes, face and body showering when you come home in the evening will help :)

5.  Pills are good

To stop the symptoms, I take an anti-histamine each day, which really really helps.  There are so many different makes so talk to you pharmacist.  Also, each top brand one will usually have a cheaper version which is the EXACT same pill – just a more generic make.  Any good chemist will tell you that :)


As I await patiently for winter, I’ll keep my head, heels and hives high and battle on through :)

Love, P x

Hayfever sucks!

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