December 2015

Operation Bridesmaid

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So, I had to metaphorically punch myself in the face recently.  My bad habits had returned – endless amounts of chocolate had managed to find its way back into my life.  Endless.  Im talking, “there is a 3 pack of Double Deckers in my knicker drawer” endless.  Like come on, THATS a problem.  I have discovered through my years of BTBW (“Battling The Baby Weight” – my child is actually 7 #Shameful) that a number of things relate to me when I try to lose weight:-

1.  Routine is my queen

I need to have a routine with my food.  And by routine I mean keeping a habit.  A habit of NOT having a biscuit(s) with my tea.  A habit of NOT stopping off at the garage on the way home (see 3 pack of Double Deckers as mentioned above).  A habit of NOT skipping my food prep.  Once I’m in the routine – I’m fairly set up.

2.  Mid month cheat day(s) 


Cheat day :)

There are certain times during the month that I’m all about the munchies.  I had in the past, allowed myself to have that time as a cheat day(s) (I’m adding (s) to words that i want to be singular but are in fact plural :) ) and I would fill my shopping basket with crisps, dip and chocolate.  Dang, I miss chocolate!

3.  Don’t go hungry

By not having something to hand when the 11am and 4pm slump hits, means I reach for the quickest thing to hand – a chocolate bar.  So I need to keep fueled my big healthy lunches and nutritious snacks during the day.

4.  Water, water, water



How many times have you heard that when you feel hungry between meals, it may instead mean that you are thirsty.  I think your body gives off the same vibes for both hunger and thirst.  Unless your dehydrated because then your just parched!  Having a glass of water before snacking can sometimes stop the hunger pangs.  I also heard that you shouldn’t drink during your meal and to wait up to 30 mins after.  Something about your food not digesting properly – don’t quote me but I will look into that!

What is Operation Bridesmaid?

Well my darling sister is tying the knot early next year and as chief bridesmaid – a title i have given myself (just kidding!) – I realise that I need to step up my game.  To reminisce, I think of the 2005 me – the yoga loving, clean eating, work out bunny that I was.  I was fit, toned AND I had those defined lower tummy abs!   There is however a huge difference between now and back then, the major one being, I’m a mummy with a little less time to devote to ME.  Nevertheless, it shall be done.  *FistPump

December 2015

6 months – lets do this :)

Realistically, I have 6 months to get fit and toned.  My plan begins with a month of a clean food, then introduce yoga and we can then see how the 2015 me will kick the 2005 me’s ass!

Be prepared for daily blogs, tears, rants and hopefully maybe a peep of a lower tummy ab?!?  I like to aim high :)

Love, P x

Operation Bridesmaid