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About a month ago, I was “gifted” a Physicians Formula 2 in 1 concealer from one of the gals in work :)  Now, I had heard a fair bit about the brand but had never actually used any of their products, which I believe were only available in the U.S.  Since only good things were said, I was pretty excited to try it.

The brand itself was created by a U.S. doctor who wanted to make products for his wife’s sensitive skin (awwweeee).  So, Physicians Formula was born.  Apparently their bronzer is pretty awesome and is one of the biggest sellers in the States.  Looking good so far!


I tend to suffer with dry eyes so concealer can sometimes show up flaky and creased.  I do powder well with my Bobbi Brown under eye powder to minimise this.  The Physicans Formula 2 in 1 concealer comes in 2 options – Green & Light and Yellow & Light.  I had the latter.

The Yellow side tackles dark circles and other blueish discolourations.  The Light side covers any yellow tones and minor skin imperfections.  The colours are pretty spot on and suited my Irish skin really well.


The size of this product is pretty small.  The amount it holds is, according to their website, 6.8gms, so if you were using it every day, it wouldn’t last that long.  I used the concealer under my eyes, down my cheeks and around my nose.  Unfortunately for me, it was quite chalky and drying and really noticeable.

The coverage of the concealer is really good and did banish any darkness under my eyes.  Perhaps the formula is more suited to those with slightly oilier skin.


You can get this brand in a few select pharmacies throughout Ireland (not many but I will update as soon as I know!), or you can order it online from the U.S.  It costs $8.25 in the U.S. and considering the size, thats pretty spot on.  The good thing about this concealer is, you really are getting 2 options for the price of 1.

I would love to try the bronzer and perhaps some of their other powders (face, blush, eyes) because it IS hard to judge a brand on just one product.  If you’re in the States, you should pick up the concealer to try it, considering it’s not hugely expensive.

If you have tried any of the other Physican Formula products, let me know!

Love, P x

Physicans Formula - Concealer Twins

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