The best things about having a girl <3

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We all know that having children is a blessing that is often denied to many.  I chose not find out if I was having a boy or a girl and with so many boys in my family, I figured I would follow suit.  But I can safely say, I was definitely hand-picked for a very girly girl!

It’s funny because I often ask myself “What would I have done with a boy – they are so different” but I obviously would have felt the same for him as I do for her (and be writing a very different post right now!).

There are some absolute gems of having a girl:-


1.  She looks up to me

This is a sort of double-edged sword.  It feels pretty good to know you mean the world to someone, but it slightly puts the pressure on!  Every mum has doubtful days, gazillion kisses and the random “I Love You”s throughout the day makes you realise you are doing an ok job.  Where you think you may be failing, you pretty perfect in her eyes.


2.  She is very-very-very girly

She has her own makeup case.  Not a few no-name lipsticks or “give you a skin rash” blushers, but a drug-store case of actual Rimmel/Essence/Mac/Bobbi Brown makeup.  The latter two are my hand me downs, but still!  I didn’t realise how early this would catch on.  And I didn’t realise how secretly proud I would be when she says “no wait mum, I have to blend”.  And…I get to do her hair……


3.  She has her own sense of style

We have a monthly routine – she gets one new outfit, which includes a top, bottoms and if the price is right, a jacket or shoes.  Nothing of crazy money but they literally grow out of things so quickly.  Gone are the days of me picking out cute clothes – it’s now out of my hands.  The only thing I can do on these trips is agree or disagree (and pay).  You can rest assured, if I make a suggestion….that item of clothes will NOT be chosen.


4.  Girly Chats 

She has reached an age now where she is asking questions.  Normal questions, about growing up.  Some I’m prepared for, some not so much!  It’s so much fun to be apart of this learning patch.  I’m hoping that having been through that myself (not that long ago!), I can understand and empathise.  When the irrational screaming begins and “I Hate You” starts coming, I will be calmly ready with my “Well that’s too bad, because I love you” scream right back.  I’ll do my best to NOT live vicariously through her, but let her find out things in her own way, in her own time – maybe easier said than done – but the only way to grow is to learn from mistakes.


5.  Friends Forever ♥

They say boys will leave and be with their wives, but daughters will always stay :)  I look forward to that bond when she is older – if and when I return from my Shirley Valentine holiday to Greece.


Love P, x

The best things about having a girl <3