Why Monday’s are the shizzz!

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I get it – its the day after the weekend.  The first day back to work for many and the day that all social media platforms are in-undated with “Oh dear God, why me” Monday memes.

But there are sooo many reasons to love the (is it the first or second day – who knows!) of the week….

1.  It’s a fresh start – a new beginning

Had a bad weekend?  It’s done!  Fell off the wagon?  It happens?  Weekends are made up of memories we cherish, and sometimes memories we may wish to forget (“who said another Tequila?!?!”)

Monday is that fresh page of the copy, the new sheet, the new plans.  It’s a do-over….so if you need to, DO-OVER!

2.  No Fear

I once had to have my sister come stay with me one Sunday night, the fear was THAT BAD!  Since having children, you have a different kind of fear.  But say you had a great weekend, finished your to-do list, got plenty of fresh air and grabbed the bull by the balls (I’m pretty sure thats a saying), then you are entering into a new week, FEARLESS.

3.  One week down

So you started a new fitness regime, a new college course or upped your diet game….on Monday, you are already one week down!  Wahoo!


4.  Influencer

There are soooo many “influencers” knocking around social media at this point, but having a positive attitude to Monday can actually help influence others.  Sometimes, all people need is a different way of looking at things to make them feel better.

Just don’t go all “Ned Flanders” on it – no-one likes THAT person!

5.  A day denied to many

Not a truer statement said.  We live our lives so fast that we sometimes forget to stop to appreciate that each day IS a blessing and today was denied to so many.


So take that chance, book that flight and just be!!

Love, P x

Why Monday's are the shizzz