Day 1 – Positive Mental Attitude

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I knew starting on 1 June was gonna be good for me.  No particular reason, it just seems like a good start date, right?  Beginning of summer, its the month before my birthday month, it just feels right.  As you know, my main concern is removing all excess sugar from my diet (biscuits + chocolate = weight gain, bad skin …

December 2015

Operation Bridesmaid

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So, I had to metaphorically punch myself in the face recently.  My bad habits had returned – endless amounts of chocolate had managed to find its way back into my life.  Endless.  Im talking, “there is a 3 pack of Double Deckers in my knicker drawer” endless.  Like come on, THATS a problem.  I have discovered through my years of BTBW (“Battling …


Apple & Banana Smoothie – Slurp!!

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Since recently becoming obsessed (slight exagg!) with my training, I’m always looking for great ways to eat and drink healthy, however working full time, studying for my Masters, training and being a mum can make it quite hard to achieve. Quick and easy bites with endless cups of tea/coffee is usually what I achieve. Until now Enter, please, the Breville …


Gluten Free Lasagna

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I have recently made a gluten free lasagne….and when I say “from scratch”, i sorta mean, from jars!  However, this was my first time (oh-er!) so I cheated a little. So, here goes my recipe for my easy-peasy gluten free lasagne! You will need:- Ingredients 2 Medium Carrots 1 Onion (plus tissue for the eyes – sniff!) Olive Oil 900gms …